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Our artisan inspired gift boxes are created around Vitality, Relaxation, Nourishment and Enjoyment.  Focusing mainly on Australian made natural, organic, sustainable and handmade products, you can purchase one of our boxes knowing you are supporting several Australian businesses. 

The Vitality Shack was grown out of passion for gift giving and presenting gifts elegantly whilst supporting Australian businesses, so we decided to explore what great products were out there that matched our main focus and brought them together to be gifted and enjoyed.




*Prices are GST inclusive.

Please Note:

For proper use or additional information in relation to the products included in our packs and boxes, please visit the website of the individual brand as this is where you will find the most relevant and important information on each product.  

Please Note:

As we are concerned of the health, safety and well-being for everyone, if you have allergies or sensitivities, please visit the website or contact the individual brand manufacturer for more information.

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